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Wandering the Kentucky back roads I encountered a wild grape vine as big as a tree. At first I thought it was part of the big Sycamore upon which it grew.

But, looking closer it became evident that it was something special. My “to do” list now includes a return trip to Warsaw to measure the giant vine to see if it is a record.

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  1. I have looked, albeit not all that thoroughly, for a listing of record sized woody plants that included wild grape. So far they all only list trees. I will have to put it out on my Facebook page to see if one of my botanist friends can help. Let me know if you measure the circumference of yours. I will try to measure this one. I moved away but am back in the area again.

  2. You mentioned checking to see if the large wild grape vine you found was a record. Do you know what the record is? I’m curious after finding a large specimen in my area of Virginia.

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